Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Welcome to Facebook statistics

Welcome to Facebook Statistics on Blogger. This blog is all about keeping up to date with the world of Social media.

I work within the digital advertising industry and am exposed to social media as part of my day to day job, but still the stats amaze me! Keeping up with this fast moving marketing strategy is essential if you have any involvement within it or are planning a marketing strategy that involves it. Social media marketing is currently dominated by Facebook, this is why I am going to focus on in-depth statistics and news involved with Facebook. However, I will also be discussing all of the Social media platforms including the newest of them all Google Buzz.

I will bring the latest news, info and statistics plus updates on new features and targeting methods across all of the social media platforms and keep you up-to-date whilst sharing statistics that you can use in your presentations and strategies you can use for yourself.

For the new to Social media marketing I will provide how to get started guides.
Obviously at the time of writing this is a new blog, but if you would like me to focus on a particular social media or provide stats that I haven’t as yet let me know and I’ll see what I have available and publish them too.
So, thanks for reading and please link to this page, bookmark me or become a fan and I will provide you with statistics that can make your social media marketing campaigns work!

Welcome to Facebook Statistics!

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